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2023 Neutron X-ray School

ChemMatCARS beamline scientist, Dr. Mrinal Bera hosted graduate students at NX School on August 15, 2023.

Workshopping the Future of Science at NSF’s ChemMatCARS

In early May 2023, NSF’s ChemMatCARS organized the latest in a series of workshops bringing together users and staff. The purpose was a look ahead to the future of the Advanced Photon Source (APS) as it undergoes a major upgrade of the x-ray source, and the construction of a second, independent beamline that ChemMatCARS is building (funded by the National Science Foundation [NSF]) in order to exploit the capabilities of the upgraded APS and expand research opportunities for its users.

NSF’s ChemMatCARS Hosts Students from Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart

Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart students run their experiment at 15-ID. NSF’s ChemMatCARS hosted a team with four high school students and one teacher from Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart to participate 2022-23 Exemplary Student Research Program (ESRP). The goal of ESRP is for each high school team that establishes a scientific research project that can...

Faculty-student team from Hope College discovers the orientation packing of clusters of nanoparticles by using X-ray diffraction

Professor Yu-Sheng Chen welcomed Assistant Professor Natalia Gonzalez-Pech and her student, rising sophomore Nicholas Figueroa, from the Department of Chemistry at Hope College, an all-undergraduate institution in Holland, Michigan. Figueroa spent six weeks at the beamline; Gonzalez-Pech visited periodically as her schedule permitted. The following is a lightly...

Welcome back! 2022 FaSTRAC and GSRAC program

After a hiatus of two years due to the pandemic, we have welcomed FaSTRAC and GSRAC recipients on-site this summer. Assistant Professor Natalia Gonzalez-Pech and her student, Nicholas Figueroa, from Department of Chemistry in Hope College will be hosted by Professor Yu-Sheng Chen. We have 3 GSRAC recipients this year: Pedro Bertolini and Luis Ortuno Macias from...

NSF’s ChemMatCARS Hosts Students from Hoffman Estates High School (ESRP 2022)

NSF’s ChemMatCARS participated in the Exemplary Student Research Program (ESRP) organized by Argonne National Laboratory. This program is specifically designed to bring high school students and their teachers to work in a team with Argonne Scientist to conduct research projects from start to finish. In March 2022, , a team of three students and a teacher from...

2021 Graduate Student Research Award at ChemMatCARS (GSRAC): Carmen Chen

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to run this program onsite at ChemMatCARS this year. Fortunately, one of the recipients of GSRAC, Carmen Chen, a doctoral student from Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT) was able to work to on her project remotely, supervised by Dr. Yu-Sheng Chen. In the summer of 2021,...

2021 Neutron X-ray School

ChemMatCARS beamline scientist Mrinal Bera hosted graduate students at the virtual NX School on July 22, 2021.

2019 Workshop on Advanced Crystallography

Advanced Crystallography Workshop was held on December 14-15, 2019. Attendees review the current scientific program in advanced crystallography and explore how our program could benefit from the APS-U.

2019 Workshop on Liquid Interface X-ray Scattering

Liquid Interfaces Workshop was held on November 21-22, 2019. Attendees contributed to planning for new initiatives at NSF’s ChemMatCARS in X-ray scattering from liquid interfaces, including liquid-solid, liquid-liquid and liquid-vapor interfaces.

Confidence and Perspective: In-Depth Crystallography Training Restructures Two Young Researchers’ View of Their Work: Abhishek Ravada, University of Rennes 1 and Damola Taye Shuaib, Illinois Institute of Technology

Damola Shuaib and Abhishek Ravada were the recipients of the 2019 Graduate Student Research Award at ChemMatCARS. In six weeks of learning side by side, the two very different men—one a passionate chemist from his earliest studies, the other an equally passionate nonchemist—found challenge, and camaraderie, in their differences. Interacting with the stream of...

NSF’s ChemMatCARS Hosts Tour for REU Site Program Participants

50 undergraduates who are participating REU Site program from Ohio State, The University of Chicago and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign had a tour at the NSF’s ChemMatCARS. Dr. Wei Bu and Dr. Mati Meron of NSF’s ChemMatCARS introduced the synchrotron research at Sector 15.