NSF’s ChemMatCARS Staff

Mrinal Bera

ChemMatCARS Beamline Scientist for Anomalous Small Angle X-ray Scattering (ASAXS)

(630) 252-0472

Wei Bu

Senior Research Associate - CARS
ChemMatCARS Beamline Scientist — Liquid Surface/Interface Scattering

(630) 252-0470

Tieyan Chang

ChemMatCARS Postdoctoral Scholar

Natalie Chen

Sector User Coordinator

(630) 252-0476

Yu-Sheng Chen

Operations Manager—ChemMatCARS
Research Professor - CARS
Beamline Scientist - Advanced Crystallography

(630) 252-0471

Binhua Lin

Executive Director and Project Manager—ChemMatCARS
Research Professor - James Franck Institute
Beamline Scientist — Liquid Surface/Interface Scattering

(630) 252-0463 (APS)

Kevin Lynch

ChemMatCARS Research Machinist

Mati Meron

Beamline Scientist — Beam Delivery Optics and Experimental Technique Development

(630) 252-0468

Pan Sun

ChemMatCARS Postdoctoral Scholar