Soft Matter Interest Group Seminar


20210614 10am Kathleen J. Stebe University of Pennsylvania TBD
20210413 10am Xudong Wang The University of Wisconsin – Madison Free-Standing 2D Oxide Nanomaterials with Exotic Physical and Electrochemical Properties Link
20210308 10am Christian DeWolf Concordia University, Canada Pi-interactions in Langmuir Films: A Tale of Structured Monolayers and Multilayers (and Their Interconversion) (slides) Link
20210208 10am Philippe Fontaine Synchrotron Soleil, France Contribution of In-situ X-ray Measurements to the Study of Soft Interfaces (slides) Link
20210111 10am Oleg Konovalov ESRF – European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble, France In Situ Synchrotron Study of the Formation Mechanism of Two-dimensional Materials on Liquid (slides) Link
20201216 10am Ka Yee C. Lee The University of Chicago Lipid-Protein Interactions at Membrane Surfaces: From a-Synuclein to Immunological Response Link
20201109 10am Luka Pocivavsek The University of Chicago Cell-Surface Interactions Studied with Neutrons and X-rays (slides) Link
20201012 10am Crystal M. Vander Zanden University of Colorado at Colorado Springs X-ray Reflectivity and Grazing Incidence Diffraction Studies of Amyloidogenic and Peripheral Membrane-binding Proteins (slides) Link
20191209 12pm Elizabeth Gaillard Northern Illinois University Cholesterol Effects on DPPC Bilayers: Solid Supported Samples and Liposomes
20191007 12pm William Irvine The University of Chicago Spinning Top-ology
20181119 12pm Giulia Galli The University of Chicago A Computational Microscope for Water at Interfaces
20180625 12pm Raymond Tu The City College of New York Periodically Sequenced Peptides: Surface-activity and 2D Phase Behavior
20171113 12pm Miaoqi Chu Argonne National Laboratory X-ray Reflectivity Study of Ionic Liquids at Charged Surfaces
20160808 12pm Bozhi Tian The University of Chicago Silicon Nanowire-based Biophysical Tools