Soft Matter Interest Group Seminar

20230213 10am Stephen Maldonado University of Michigan Growing Inorganic Crystals at Liquid Solution/Liquid Metal Interfaces
20221212 10am Jean Daillant Synchrotron SOLEIL, France X-ray Standing Waves Investigation of Ion Surface Interactions in Water at Charged Silica Interfaces
20221114 10am David P. Hoogerheide National Institute of Standards and Technology Autonomous neutron reflectometry via information maximization Link
20221017 10am Ahmet Uysal Argonne National Laboratory Molecular Scale Understanding of Rare Earth Separations Link
20220627 10am Frank Heinrich Carnegie Mellon University Characterizing peripheral membrane proteins with neutron reflectometry Link
20220418 10am Wuge Briscoe University of Bristol, UK A Nano-vision to Nano-invasion
20220214 10am Benjamin L. Doughty Oak Ridge National Laboratory Self-Assembly and Solvation at Liquid/Liquid Interfaces: From Solvent Extraction to Soft-Matter Electronics Link
20211108 10am Charles Maldarelli The City College of New York The Complexation of Fatty Acids, Calcium Cations and Polysaccharides at the Sea Surface Microlayer and Its Applications to the Chemical Herding of Oil Spills and Sea Spray Aerosols Link
20211011 10am Pulak Dutta Northwestern University Beyond the Diffuse Double Layer: Structures of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids (“Molten Salts”) Near Electrodes Link
20210914 10am Matthew Paige The University of Saskatchewan, Canada Perfluorocarbons in Surfactant Monolayers or Why “lipophobic” is a bad word Link
20210712 10am Heather C. Allen The Ohio State University Anion-Triggered Organization at Aqueous Surfaces Link
20210621 10am Kathleen J. Stebe University of Pennsylvania Assembly and Interactions at Fluid Interfaces
20210413 10am Xudong Wang The University of Wisconsin – Madison Free-Standing 2D Oxide Nanomaterials with Exotic Physical and Electrochemical Properties Link
20210308 10am Christian DeWolf Concordia University, Canada Pi-interactions in Langmuir Films: A Tale of Structured Monolayers and Multilayers (and Their Interconversion) (slides) Link
20210208 10am Philippe Fontaine Synchrotron SOLEIL, France Contribution of In-situ X-ray Measurements to the Study of Soft Interfaces (slides) Link
20210111 10am Oleg Konovalov ESRF – European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble, France In Situ Synchrotron Study of the Formation Mechanism of Two-dimensional Materials on Liquid (slides) Link
20201216 10am Ka Yee C. Lee The University of Chicago Lipid-Protein Interactions at Membrane Surfaces: From a-Synuclein to Immunological Response Link
20201109 10am Luka Pocivavsek The University of Chicago Cell-Surface Interactions Studied with Neutrons and X-rays (slides) Link
20201012 10am Crystal M. Vander Zanden University of Colorado at Colorado Springs X-ray Reflectivity and Grazing Incidence Diffraction Studies of Amyloidogenic and Peripheral Membrane-binding Proteins (slides) Link
20191209 12pm Elizabeth Gaillard Northern Illinois University Cholesterol Effects on DPPC Bilayers: Solid Supported Samples and Liposomes
20191007 12pm William Irvine The University of Chicago Spinning Top-ology
20181119 12pm Giulia Galli The University of Chicago A Computational Microscope for Water at Interfaces
20180625 12pm Raymond Tu The City College of New York Periodically Sequenced Peptides: Surface-activity and 2D Phase Behavior
20171113 12pm Miaoqi Chu Argonne National Laboratory X-ray Reflectivity Study of Ionic Liquids at Charged Surfaces
20160808 12pm Bozhi Tian The University of Chicago Silicon Nanowire-based Biophysical Tools