Soft Matter Interest Group Seminar


20210111 10am Oleg Konovalov ESRF-The European Synchrotron TBD
20201216 10am Ka Yee C. Lee The University of Chicago TBD
20201109 10am Luka Pocivavsek The University of Chicago Cell-Surface Interactions Studied with Neutrons and X-rays Link
20201012 10am Crystal M. Vander Zanden University of Colorado at Colorado Springs X-ray reflectivity and grazing incidence diffraction studies of amyloidogenic and peripheral membrane-binding proteins Link
20191209 12pm Elizabeth Gaillard Northern Illinois University Cholesterol effects on DPPC bilayers: solid supported samples and liposomes
20191007 12pm William Irvine The University of Chicago Spinning Top-ology
20181119 12pm Giulia Galli The University of Chicago A computational microscope for water at interfaces
20180625 12pm Raymond Tu The City College of New York Periodically Sequenced Peptides: Surface-activity and 2D Phase Behavior
20171113 12pm Miaoqi Chu Argonne National Laboratory X-ray reflectivity study of ionic liquids at charged surfaces
20160808 12pm Bozhi Tian The University of Chicago Silicon nanowire-based biophysical tools