Luis Ortuno Macias and Pedro Bertolini worked with Professor Binhua Lin, Dr. Wei Bu, and Dr. Mrinal Bera. Both are third-year PhD students from the Department of Chemical Engineering at City College of New York, working with Charles Maldarelli. The third student, Xiaotong Zhang, was hosted by Professor Yu-Sheng Chen. Zhang is a fourth-year PhD student in chemistry, focusing on physical chemistry and crystallography; she works with Jason Benedict at University at Buffalo, New York. The following are lightly edited transcripts of interviews conducted at the midpoint of the students’ visits.

* The interview has been edited for clarity and conciseness.

From left to right: Luis Ortuno Macias, Xiaotong Zhang and Pedro Bertolini

From left to right: Pan Sun, Binhua Lin, Wei Bu, Luis Ortuno Macias, Pedro Bertolini and Mrinal Bera

Xiaotong examined crystals under the microscope.

Luis Ortuno Macias and Pedro Bertolini worked in the hutch.