NSF’s ChemMatCARS operates within the safety regulations of The University of Chicago, the Department of Energy, Argonne National Laboratory and the Advanced Photon Source, supplemented where appropriate by guidelines from other agencies or safety authorities. The Executive Director of CARS is responsible for the safe operation of the CARS beamlines and the associated experimental facilities

Visitor Safety

  • Visitors who have not attended the APS User Orientation must be escorted whenever they are in hazardous areas such as chemical laboratories or radiologically controlled areas (experimental areas).
  • All visitors must wear a visitor dosimeter or be part of a tour with a group dosimeter, while visiting radiologically controlled areas.
  • Without proper training visitors are not allowed in the laser controlled areas while lasers are in use.

Safety Contacts

In an emergency, call 911
To report a non-emergency incident, call 811

Yu-Sheng Chen
(630) 252-0471

John Mazzio
APS Floor Coordinator (Building 434)
(630) 252-0401

Floor Coordinator on duty

  • From on-site, dial: 2-0101
  • From off-site, dial: (630) 252-0101