Dedicated to static and dynamic condensed matter chemistry and materials science. Learn More About ChemMatCARS


Used to investigate dynamical and structural properties of surfaces and interfaces in a variety of liquid and solid systems. Learn More About Liquid Surface At ChemMatCARS

Liquid Surface/Interface X-ray Scattering

Uses a "rapid setup" crystallography facility that allows us to rapidly switch operation to the single-crystal instrument. Learn More About Crystallography At ChemMatCARS

Advanced Crystallography


ChemMatCARS operates three experimental stations in the areas of advanced small-molecule crystallography, liquid surface and interface scattering, and small to wide-angle scattering at the Advanced Photon Source (APS), the premier undulator-based synchrotron source of high-brilliance high-energy x-rays in the U.S.A. The instrumentation at ChemMatCARS provides information that addresses a broad range of issues in chemistry and materials research.

2016 Faculty Development Summer Research Scholarship Recipient - Dr. Jamiu A. Odutola


Please welcome our 2016 Faculty Development Summer Research scholar, Dr. Jamiu Odutola from Alabama A&M University.  Dr. Odutola arrived at APS on June 27th and will be staying with us for about a month.  He is conducting crystallographic research with Dr. Yu-Sheng Chen.  His proposal is entitled, “Study of europium-doped lithium strontium iodide crystal scintillators”.   We are so excited to have Dr. Odutola with us!  If you are nearby sector 15, please give him a warm hello.

International Student Visitor - Peiyu Quan

                                            Peiyu Quan(2)_2_0.jpg  

Please join us in welcoming Peiyu Quan from the Beijing Synchrotron Radiation Facility at the Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS!  Peiyu is a graduate student visiting ChemMatCARS to conduct his PhD dissertation research in liquid surface x-ray scattering.  Peiyu arrived at ANL on May 19, 2016, and will be staying here for about 10 months under the direction of Dr. Binhua Lin.  He is very excited about working at a world-class synchrotron facility and has been such a big help around the beamline.  Please smile and welcome Peiyu when you see him!   


ChemMatCARS hosting 2016 Liquid Surface X-Ray Scattering Workshop!

For more information concerning this year's LSXS workshop click here



Dr. Jason Benedict – ACA’s 2016 Etter Student Early Career Award Recipient

Jason Benedict_0.png
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ChemMatCARS would like to congratulate our user, Jason Benedict from SUNY Buffalo, for being chosen as the recipient of the 2016 Margaret C. Etter Early Career Award.  This award recognizes outstanding achievement and potential in crystallographic research displayed by scientists who are still in the early stages of their independent careers.   Dr. Benedict will accept his award at the 2016 American Crystallographic Association (ACA) Meeting in Denver, CO at the end of July.  Please join us in congratulating Dr. Jason Benedict and his wonderful accomplishments!

Science Careers in Search of Women Conference, Tour of ChemMatCARS

On April 14, 2016, ANL hosted the annual Science Careers in Search of Women Conference and CARS helped facilitate.  Female high school students are given the opportunity to learn more about STEM careers, in an effort to increase the representation of women in the science and technology fields.  In Sector 15, the students spoke to Dr. Binhua Lin about liquid surface x-ray scattering at ChemMatCARS.  Students walked away with a better understanding of the synchrotron facilities and liquid surface techniques.

SCSW Outreach_1.png

Pictured above: Dr. Binhua Lin speaking to the attendees of the SCSW Conference about liquid surface x-ray scattering.

One Day and Night With Exemplary Research High School Students at ChemMatCARS

On February 14, ChemMatCARS welcomed 6 students from Hoffman Estates High School for the Exemplary Student Research Program (ESRP) at Sector 15, APS, for a hands-on synchrotron experimental run working on a research project they proposed.  These students learned all about the synchrotron facilities at Argonne and focused primarily on liquid surface scattering.  The high schoolers performed experiments over 3 shifts (24 hours) consecutively, including preparing samples, running scans and retrieving data.  They produced high-quality data that ChemMatCARS plans to use for publication in the near future.  ChemMatCARS would like to thank APS for sponsoring such a wonderful education outreach program and Wayne Oras Jr. (Applied Technology instructor at Hoffman Estates High School) for bringing the students here for such an awesome experience.  We look forward to seeing Hoffman Estates High School again soon!
High School Students visit_0.png

Pictured front row from left, HEHS students Allison Schrader, Matt Vlasaty, Miraj Shah, Kimberly Simms (ChemMatCARS), Dr. Wei Bu (ChemMatCARS); back row from left, Wayne Oras, Jr. (HEHS faculty sponsor), HEHS students Harpreet Auby, Jill Prigge, Dillon Vadgama, Sean Griesemer (University of Chicago), Dr. Binhua Lin (University of Chicago and ChemMatCARS)

Scientific Focus

The scientific focus of user activities at ChemMatCARS is the study of structure and dynamics over the range of length scales from atomic and molecular to mesoscopic. The experimental techniques available to the scientific community span a spatial resolution of sub-angstrom to micrometer and a time resolution from 50 ns to minutes. These include:

High Precision Crystallography to study charge (i.e., electron) densities, bonding, microcrystals, resonant diffraction, high-pressure (up to 10 GPa) single crystal diffraction, and transient state/photo-crystallography.

Scattering From Liquid Surfaces and Liquid-Liquid Interfaces to measure atomic, molecular, and mesoscopic ordering at interfaces using resonant and non-resonant reflectivity, grazing-incidence diffraction and small angle scattering, surface fluorescence, surface diffuse scattering, and fast techniques, such as grazing incidence diffraction in the 1D pinhole geometry.

Small and wide-angle x-ray scattering (SAXS/WAXS) to probe ordering in bulk materials on angstrom to micrometer length scales.