Dedicated to static and dynamic condensed matter chemistry and materials science. Learn More About ChemMatCARS


Used to investigate dynamical and structural properties of surfaces and interfaces in a variety of liquid and solid systems. Learn More About Liquid Surface At ChemMatCARS

Liquid Surface/Interface X-ray Scattering

Uses a "rapid setup" crystallography facility that allows us to rapidly switch operation to the single-crystal instrument. Learn More About Crystallography At ChemMatCARS

Advanced Crystallography


ChemMatCARS operates three experimental stations in the areas of advanced small-molecule crystallography, liquid surface and interface scattering, and small to wide-angle scattering at the Advanced Photon Source (APS), the premier undulator-based synchrotron source of high-brilliance high-energy x-rays in the U.S.A. The instrumentation at ChemMatCARS provides information that addresses a broad range of issues in chemistry and materials research.

2017 ChemMatCARS Faculty Development Summer Research Program

Call For Proposals

ChemMatCARS is sponsoring a summer research experience program for faculty of Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) at Sector 15, the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Labs.  The aim of this program is to foster research collaborations between ChemMatCARS and MSI faculty.  Call for proposals for the 2017 summer program can be found here, and interested faculty members should submit a proposal by February 28, 2017, 5:00 pm CST.


Last year's program: 2016 FDSRP >>>>>>


Symposium in honor of Professor Philip Coppens retirement

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Professor Philip Coppens

From the initial planning phases in 1994 to the approval of the final design in 1996, Professor Philip Coppens played a key role in the development of the crystallographic component of the ChemMatCARS beamline. He was the ideal candidate to lead the project, given his cutting-edge crystallographic research and his early advocacy of synchrotron-based techniques that arose from his involvement with the SUNY beamline at the NSLS in Brookhaven.  Thanks to his leadership as co-PI and his service on the scientific advice committee, the ChemMatCARS advanced crystallography program at the Advanced Photon Source remains a premier global facility for experiments involving time-resolved X-ray diffraction and high-accuracy charge density measurements. In honor of his retirement, a symposium titled, Advancing Structural Science: Pushing the Limits of X-ray Crystallography” will be held on October 22, 2016 at The University at Buffalo, SUNY campus in Buffalo, New York.  

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ChemMatCARS welcomes Dr. Suyin Grass Wang
and Dr. Adam Stash to the team!

grass and adam2.jpg

ChemMatCARS is growing!  This summer, two new additions joined our team.  Prior to working at sector 15, Grass was a Post-Doc at Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico.  She is now our Jr. Beamline Scientist for Small Molecule Crystallography and conducting research with Dr. Yu-Sheng Chen.  Adam will be with us for a few months, working alongside Dr. Yu-Sheng Chen and providing his crystallographic expertise.  He is the Leading Research Scientist at Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry in Moscow Russia.  ChemMatCARS is excited to have both Grass and Adam with us!  

Congratulations to Dr. Yu-Sheng Chen!


ChemMatCARS commends one of our very own beamline scientists, Dr. Yu-Sheng Chen, who has been recognized as a 2016 ACA Fellow this summer! ACA (American Crystallographic Association) chooses fellows based on many factors which include: high level of excellence in scientific research, teaching, professional duties, service, leadership, and personal engagement in the ACA and overall world of crystallography and science.  The program celebrates the great endeavors of ACA members as well as promote their recognition to other partners outside of the ACA network.  The fellows serve as scientific ambassadors to the scientific community and general public in order to progress science education, research, knowledge, interaction and collaboration.  We are so proud of Yu-Sheng and applaud his hard work!  Congratulations Yu-Sheng!

Click here to see the article featured in ACA RefleXions!       

Scientific Focus

The scientific focus of user activities at ChemMatCARS is the study of structure and dynamics over the range of length scales from atomic and molecular to mesoscopic. The experimental techniques available to the scientific community span a spatial resolution of sub-angstrom to micrometer and a time resolution from 50 ns to minutes. These include:

High Precision Crystallography to study charge (i.e., electron) densities, bonding, microcrystals, resonant diffraction, high-pressure (up to 10 GPa) single crystal diffraction, and transient state/photo-crystallography.

Scattering From Liquid Surfaces and Liquid-Liquid Interfaces to measure atomic, molecular, and mesoscopic ordering at interfaces using resonant and non-resonant reflectivity, grazing-incidence diffraction and small angle scattering, surface fluorescence, surface diffuse scattering, and fast techniques, such as grazing incidence diffraction in the 1D pinhole geometry.

Small and wide-angle x-ray scattering (SAXS/WAXS) to probe ordering in bulk materials on angstrom to micrometer length scales.