Apply for Beamtime: Returning Users


  1. Apply for Beamtime
  2. Submit an updated APS User Registration Form as a “returning user” to provide your current information. Non-U.S. citizens with expired or expiring security clearance are encouraged to re-register with the APS as soon as possible.
  3. Make sure all your required training is current by contacting:
    1. APS User Office
    2. Natalie Chen
      (630) 252-0476
  4. Complete any expired training Remotely, or contact the APS User Office or Natalie Chen to schedule on-site training.
  5. Once beamtime has been allocated and ChemMatCARS has contacted you with dates, complete an Experiment Safety Assessment Form (ESAF) via the link sent in your confirmation letter or by logging in to the APS Scheduling System. Complete the ESAF at least 10 business days before your visit. The ESAF must be approved by both NSF’s ChemMatCARS and APS safety personnel before you can begin work.
  6. When your work is published, Send the Publication to the APS with a copy to Natalie Chen. Please include the NSF’s ChemMatCARS Acknowledgment Statement in your publications.


Aps User Portal

You can use the APS User Portal as your primary access gateway to several APS user systems. From the portal, you can update your biographical information, check in to let APS User Office know the arrival /departure times for your next visit, review the status of your required training and update it remotely, ensure that your APS access permission is current, sign a user agreement acknowledgement form, and send messages to the User Office and your beamline contact.”

Additional Information

How to use Your APS Badge Number and Password:

  • When you register as a user, you will receive a 5- or 6-digit APS badge number that is your permanent identification with Argonne National Laboratory and many APS computer systems.
  • The first time you log into an APS user application (e.g., proposal system), your password will be your badge number; you will be prompted immediately to change it. Please read the password requirements carefully as it usually takes most users a few attempts to find a successful password.
  • Thereafter, your password is the same for most APS web-based user applications (proposals, schedule, safety, remote access training, etc.).
  • If you forget your password, click the password link on the login page of the system you want to use; a new password will be emailed right away to the address on record at the APS. The next time you log on, you will be prompted to change your password.


How to use the APS remote training system:

  • Enter your user badge number. You will be shown a page with core courses listed.
  • To take any course, click on the link for the course.
  • You can print a PDF version of the course as a study guide, take the course and test, or take a challenge exam. If you elect either of the latter two options, you will need to re-enter your badge number and to enter the web password (same as for proposal submission via the proposal system).
  • Successful completion of the course will be automatically recorded in Argonne’s Training Management System within an hour.


Questions about training? Contact the APS User Office at 630-252-9090 or