LSXS 2016 Computer Requirements

Computer Requirements


  • Must have a laptop
  • Laptop must have storage > 2G
  • For Mac: latest OS version is preferred
  • For PC: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 have been tested and are preferred


  • >I5 CPU
  • >8G RAM


Software Installation


For Windows and Mac installation:

Click the "Python (x,y)-" file to download software 

Click the "instr_install_mac.pdf" file for Mac installation instructions

Click the "instr_install_windows.pdf" file for Windows installation instructions


It is suggested that software be installed and tested at least a week before the workshop.  There will be very little-to-no time available for installing and testing the software once the workshop begins.  Click the "software_test.pdf" file for instructions on testing. 


**For those that already have Python installed on your computer:  You will need to click the "Python (x,y)-" file to update your current Python version if it isn't this one.  It is advised that you also follow the instructions in the "software_test.pdf" file to ensure that your update is running properly.


For any questions concerning computer requirements, please contact Wei Bu.


last updated 4/28/2016