Liquid Surface X-ray Scattering: Online Help


The following documents are available online for consultation:


Langmuir Trough


Liquid Surface X-ray Scattering


All sections: PDF  |  MS Word


Instrumentation schematics:



  • EPICS (MEDM windows for users): PDF  |  MS Word
  • SPEC Commands in Brief: PDF  |  MS Word
  • Surface IDL Software: PDF  |  MS Word
  • Surface Python Software: Dropbox
    • Software Installation:  PC  |  Mac
    • Software Help: Click here
    • For suggestions about the Surface Python Software please email Wei Bu:


Geometric alignment of the liquid surface spectrometer:

  • Determining Geometry Parameters and Zero Angle Correction:
    PDF  |  MS Word
  • SPEC Cheat Sheet for the Geometric Alignment of the Liquid Surface Spectrometer:
    PDF  |  MS Word


Detectors:  PDF  |  MS WORD

  • Ion Chamber
  • Scintillator Detector (Cyberstar 1000)
  • Pilatus:
    • Setup: PDF
    • Plotting data: PDF


Troubleshooting:  PDF  |  MS WORD


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