Liquid Surface X-ray Scattering: Detectors


  • Bruker APEXII Detector (62 x 62 active area) with four ports readout: 
    readout with 8 x 8 binning takes ~1 s (uncorrelated); readout with 4 x 4 binning takes ~1.5 s (uncorrelated); 2θ range ~25 to -110°. Two APEXII detectors are used at the beamline, one for crystallography, the other for high-energy liquid surface scattering.
  • Dectris PILATUS 100 Detector (84 x 33.5 mm active area). 20 bits (1MB) dynamic range, 2.3ms readout time. Used for liquid surface scattering
  • Cyberstar 1000 Point Detector 30 mm diameter aperture, for special liquid surface applications.

Bruker APEXII Detector

Dectris PILATUS 100 Detector

Cyberstar 1000 Point Detector

Additional detectors may be borrowed from the APS Detector Pool.