Beamline Equipment



  • Bruker APEXII Detector (62 x 62 active area) with four ports readout:
    readout with 8 x 8 binning takes ~1 s (uncorrelated); readout with 4 x 4 binning takes ~1.5 s (uncorrelated); 2θ range ~25 to -110°. Two APEXII detectors are used at the beamline, one for crystallography, the other for high-energy liquid surface scattering.
  • Dectris PILATUS 100 Detector (84 x 33.5 mm active area). 20 bits (1MB) dynamic range, 2.3ms readout time. Used for liquid surface scattering
  • Cyberstar 1000 Point Detector 30 mm diameter aperture, for special liquid surface applications.

Facility Contacts

Yu-Sheng Chen
Advanced Crystallography
(630) 252-0471

Wei Bu 
Liquid Surface/Interface
(630) 252-0470

Bruker APEXII Detector

Dectris PILATUS 100 Detector

Cyberstar 1000 Point Detector

Additional detectors may be borrowed from the APS Detector Pool.