Experimental Facility


The ID line has a First Optics Enclosure and three tandem experimental stations (ID-B, ID-C and ID-D) with future capability for a second high energy branch line using a beam splitter. Only one of the experimental stations can accept x-rays at a time horizontally from the main beam.


Experimental Stations


15 ID-A


15 ID-B


15 ID-C


15 ID-D
  • Extended height enclosure for accomodating tall apparatus such as polymer extruders
  • Technique:
    • Advanced Crystallography with High Energy
    • Anomalous Small Angle X-ray Scattering

Facility Contacts

Mrinal Bera
Anomalous Small Angle X-ray Scattering
(630) 252-0472

Wei Bu
Liquid Surfaces/Interference
(630) 252-0470

Yu-Sheng Chen
Beamline Operations Manager
Advanced Crystallography
(630) 252-0471

Binhua Lin
Beamline Manager
(630) 252-0463

Mati Meron
Beamline Optics
(630) 252-0478

Natalie Chen
NSF’s ChemMatCARS Sector User Coordinator
(630) 252-0476