February 15, 2023 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
ERC 161 & Zoom
5640 S Ellis Ave
IL 60637

Speaker: Koray Aydin (Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Northwestern University)


Abstract: Metasurfaces and metamaterials emerged as promising nanophotonic material and device platforms to control light-matter interactions at the nanoscale. In such materials, the collective and effective optical response is dictated by individual building blocks and controlled by the geometrical parameters forming the crystal structure. In this talk, I will describe two bottom-up fabrication methods for optical metasurfaces and their applications. First, inverse design and 3D nano printing of compact, polymeric optical metasurfaces will be discussed. As an application area, I will demonstrate polarization splitters and metalenses operating at communication wavelengths. Then, I will introduce DNA-assembly of gold nanoparticles as a fabrication method to realize bottom-up, passive and active nanophotonic hybrid metamaterials and metasurfaces. I will highlight wide range of functional nanophotonic device architectures including epsilon-nearzero metasurfaces, negative index metamaterials and broadband absorber metafilms.

Location: William Eckhardt Research Center (ERC) 161 & Zoom

Zoom: https://uchicago.zoom.us/j/99127105059?pwd=WTl1WmdQNVhsNFZYaS85ZHNSaHhNdz09