Graduate Student Research Award at ChemMatCARS (GSRAC)

The annual Graduate Student Research Award at ChemMatCARS (GSRAC) program supports two graduate students to carry out their research and participate in other beamline activities at ChemMatCARS over an extended period of 4–6 weeks during the summer. This program allows students to pursue their PhD research and deepen their understanding of the sophisticated synchrotron x-ray techniques and capabilities at ChemMatCARS and the Advanced Photon Source. Preference is given to women and members of under-represented groups (URG), but all are encouraged to apply.

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Click the links to read more: Abhishek Ravada (U of Rennes 1, pictured left) and Damola Taye Shuaib (IIT, pictured right)



Click the links to read more: Jessie Murillo (UTEP, pictured left) and Oscar S. Hernández Daguer (University of Puerto Rico, pictured right)



Click the links to read more: Daniel Amoanu (University of Illinois at Chicago, pictured left) and Travis Mitchell (University at Buffalo, pictured right)


Click the link to read more: Travis Mitchell (University at Buffalo)