Beamline Technician/Engineer Position at Chemistry and Material Sciences Center for Advanced Radiation Sources (ChemMatCARS), University of Chicago

ChemMatCARS is seeking a Beamline Technician or a Beamline Engineer to join the team. ChemMatCARS, affiliated with the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering (PME), the University of Chicago and funded by NSF, is a national user facility for frontier research in chemistry and materials science using synchrotron x-rays. It operates an x-ray beamline at Sector 15, the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory.  The mission of ChemMatCARS is to develop and operate world-class synchrotron x-ray facilities in the areas of small-molecule crystallography, liquid interface scattering, and anomalous small angle scattering to serve the needs of ChemMatCARS users.

Full-time Beamline Technician/Engineer will assist in technical support activities related to scientific research projects, beamline development and user operations at ChemMatCARS. Activities include, but not limited to, operating and maintaining UHV and HV vacuum equipment, troubleshooting electronic instruments, managing electrical cables, machining parts and assembling equipment to facilitate users’ experiments.

Detailed job description is given by the following two sites and applications should be submitted through those sites. Please note that the job opening is for one position, and applicants should select the appropriate site based their experiences.

Beamline Technician (< 2 years of experiences)


Beamline Engineer (with 2-5 years of experiences)