Comments from Past Participants


We have held several similar schools (2012, 2016) that have been uniformly well received. The following are some comments from 2016. 

For me the most beneficial part was learning the theory behind the X-ray experiments, getting an intuition for what the data means and how to interpret it, and learning about how they’re applied to various systems/applications. I also learned about the kind of research that other users are doing.

I like the theory part most…especially the deduction of X-ray reflectivity. It is easy to understand, and there are excellent teaching slides.

The mix of being presented with lecture material while being expected to work out calculations of our own was very engaging. The use of software to illustrate the ideas (while learning how to use the software) was also effective. I felt like I learned a lot very quickly.

It was at a good level for those of us that do not have much experience with surface scattering analysis and theory. I’m a beginner, so it was extremely helpful for me.

It was nice to see the related interfacial scattering techniques. It makes it more manageable to design complementary experiments for answering meaningful scientific questions.

The theory and the experiment are put together very well. Very efficient use of time.

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