Comments from Participants


The following are some comments from this year. 

I have never worked with x-ray scattering before, and this workshop greatly helped in teaching me the experimental method and the hands on data analysis associated. This makes x-ray work much less daunting to me and I feel like I can understand the literature better and will be able to apply this knowledge to my research plan, as I am currently developing my proposal for my PhD.

The workshop was really helpful when using all the tools on the software. The activities and interactions with the scientists gave me the chance to clarify doubts I have and take with me tons of useful information.

I really enjoyed having access to the lecture notes along with the introduction to the software. I also really enjoyed how many of the exercises were structured, where we first went through a theoretical case followed by an application to real data.

I already had a high regard for the team and techniques at ChemMatCARS – I am very impressed with their commitment to outreach and user engagement.

The lectures were fantastic and the instructors were very qualified, making the material interesting and accessible. The exercises and group work were also really educational, and I appreciate the opportunity to work with sample data and explore the different functionalities of the python programs.

The breakout rooms and the exercises were quite helpful and the fact that presenters were available every time we asked for help.

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