Every year since 2014, NSF’s ChemMatCARS organizes a School for Synchrotron Crystallography outreach program for Advanced Crystallography entitled, “Teaching Outside of the Classroom: Field Trips in Crystallography Education for Chemistry Graduate Students”. This program is co-organized by Dr. Yu-Sheng Chen, Operations Manager for NSF’s ChemMatCARS, and Dr. Shao-Liang Zheng, Harvard University professor. On March 25, 2019, Dr. Zheng and 3 of his graduate students from Harvard came to NSF’s ChemMatCARS for a 16-hour shift to conduct experiments and analyze data. Students had the chance to collect data from their own samples and determine the structure of their samples they prepared at Harvard. The students were also lectured on “Synchrotron X-ray Sources” and “Advanced Crystallography”, which highlighted the importance of synchrotron sources for advanced crystallography methods including high-resolution charge density measurements and time-resolved photo-crystallography. This lecture is a part of the school’s curriculum every year and gives students a more in-depth idea of the principles they’ve already been studying.