2019 Workshop on Liquid Interfaces

November 21-22, 2019

Sector 15, Advanced Photon Source
Argonne National Laboratory

About the Workshop

Through this workshop, attendees will contribute to planning for new initiatives at NSF’s ChemMatCARS in X-ray scattering from liquid interfaces, including studies of liquid-solid, liquid-liquid, and liquid-vapor interfaces.

We have recently received two major NSF awards: renewal funding for the next 5 years of operations and funding for construction of a second beamline that will significantly expand our capabilities. With these opportunities in view, we are considering options for expanding our liquid interface program into several areas, including

  • liquid-solid interface scattering for the study of biomembrane and cell-surface processes (among other areas)
  • coherent and transmission interface scattering for the study of interfacial heterogeneities
  • expansion in capabilities for our ongoing studies of liquid-vapor and liquid-liquid interfaces.

We are hosting the workshop at this time because the planned major upgrade in the APS synchrotron will create a greatly improved X-ray beam in about 5 years, as well as an opportunity for us to make major changes in the ChemMatCARS beamline while the APS is shut down for its upgrade.

During the workshop we will review new possibilities and seek attendees’ advice on the sorts of new capabilities that would benefit their scientific interests. Suggestions do not need to be limited to those mentioned above but should be driven by the demands of attendees’ research area. We anticipate that attendees’ advice will influence our development during the next 1 to 5 years.

The workshop is supported by NSF grant #1836674, “NSF’s ChemMatCARS: Construction of a Second Beamline using a Canted Undulator at the Advanced Photon Source,” Mark Schlossman (Principal Investigator), Matthew Tirrell, Binhua Lin, Ka Yee Lee, and
Yu-Sheng Chen (Co-Principal Investigators).

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