Daniel presenting his research to ChemMatCARS staff.

ChemMatCARS launched its summer development program, GSRAC, May 8, 2017, aimed at exposing graduate students to the current synchrotron techniques and data analysis procedures performed at our facilities here at APS.  Daniel is a Chemical Engineering PhD student from the University of Illinois at Chicago studying the ordering of passivated gold nanoparticles at an electrified liquid-liquid interface and has been experimenting at Sector 15 for the past 5 years under the supervision of Prof. Mark Schlossman.  Under the supervision of Mrinal Bera and Wei Bu, Daniel made progress in his analysis of x-ray reflectivity and GISAXS data to address the interactions responsible for nanoparticle position, transport, and ordering at the interface.

It was a pleasure hosting Daniel at ChemMatCARS for this program and we look forward to next year’s development program!

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