William Rock (left) pictured with Deputy Lab Director at ANL, Al Sattelberger (right)

Congratulations to William Rock on being one of five, 1st place poster award winners selected at Argonne’s ninth annual Postdoctoral Research and Career Symposium.  The event was held in Fall 2016, and displayed the scientific research of post doctorate scientists, engineers, and graduate students.  The Symposium creates a networking atmosphere and connects industry and government recruiters with brilliant individuals across the nation.  Posters were judged based on overall appearance and quality, topic organization, clarity and significance of illustrations, and knowledge of topic.  William studies interfacial reactions involved in chemical separation of heavy metals.  At Sector 15, he uses grazing incidence diffraction (GID) to probe monolayer surfaces as well as anomalous x-ray reflectivity and x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy to study the structure of heavy metals at the interface.  William’s winning poster presentation was entitled, “Molecular-Scale Investigation of Anion Adsorption Competition at a Charged Langmuir Monolayer”

Congratulations William!  You’ve done a phenomenal job!

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