Introduction and Experimental Methods

DECEMBER 3-6, 2014

On December 3-6, 2014, ChemMatCARS hosted a 3-day (included 16 hours hand-on session) school for synchrotron crystallography (SSC2014).  The School was attended by 26 participants, from 18 institutions around the world, among them graduate students, post-docs, crystallographic staff and faculty.  The program included a series of lectures, given by 8 speakers who are leaders in the field of synchrotron-based crystallography, as well as 16 hours of hands-on sessions, aimed at introducing the participants to synchrotron-based single-crystal x-ray diffraction techniques.  A primary goal of the school was to give students and post-docs a realistic inside look at synchrotron research, early in their careers.  The School was sponsored by Bruker and ChemMatCARS.