This workshop will introduce experienced crystallographers (graduate students, postdocs, and staff) to the newly upgraded ChemMatCARS Advanced Crystallography Station at beamline 15-ID of the Advanced Photon Source (APS)—a fast and powerful tool for structure determination and high-resolution charge density studies of small, difficult samples.

This instrument achieves spatial resolution to 2.1 Å-1. In addition, ChemMatCARS offers rapid setup, high-speed data collection, and service crystallography programs to optimize user access to available beamtime.

Participants are invited to propose up to 3 challenging samples for hands-on data collection and analysis during the workshop. Software experts will be on hand to help with difficult structures. Both new and experienced users of the APS are invited to attend.

  • Beamtime begins the evening of December 3 (by assignment).
  • Formal program held December 4-5, 2008.
  • Class size limited to 18.
  • Meals, onsite lodging, and partial travel support provided.
  • Registration fee $50, due upon acceptance to the workshop.
  • Application due October 1.


  • Yu-Sheng Chen, Research Beamline Scientist, ChemMatCARS, University of Chicago, +1 630.252.0471
  • Maren Pink, Senior Scientist and Research Crystallographer, Indiana University; Program Coordinator, Service Crystallography at the Advanced Photon Source (SCrAPS)
  • Sue Byram, Bruker AXS Inc.

Publications from Workshop

  1. Dan Zhao, Daqiang Yuan*, Daofeng Sun, Hong-Cai Zhou, “Stabilization of Metal−Organic Frameworks with High Surface Areas by the Incorporation of Mesocavities with Microwindows,” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2009 131 (26), 9186-9188 (DOI: 10.1021/ja901109t).


The workshop is sponsored by the Center for Advanced Radiation Sources of the University of Chicago, by ChemMatCARS, and by Bruker AXS.

The assistance of the following people is also gratefully acknowledged:
Lauren Borkowski, Stony Brook University, beamline support
Brenda Dougan, University of Tennessee, beamline support