The National Science Foundation recently awarded $1.4 million for optics upgrades to the ChemMatCARS beamline 15ID, specifically

  • a cryogenically cooled, silicon-based monochromator
  • a set of fixed offset focusing mirrors with wave front correction.

These forefront optics are expected to significantly benefit the ongoing scientific program at ChemMatCARS.

Susan Mini

The new monochromator will extend the energy range from 30 keV to above 50 keV. Taken together, the new optical components will increase the flux on sample by 4- to 12-fold depending on the experiment and will enhance the coherent properties of the delivered beam.

The significant gain in flux to the sample coupled with x-ray wave front control will not only result in more efficient use of the beamtime, but will also enable the user community to develop new scientific thrusts not possible with current facilities on the beamline.

The instrumentation upgrade will maintain ChemMatCARS at the forefront of scientific research for the techniques developed and will continue to attract participation and collaboration of scientists and students.

The funding is provided through NSF Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) grant “Acquisition of High Brilliance X-ray Optical Components for the ChemMatCARS Synchrotron X-ray Resource at the Advanced Photon Source.” The PI of the new grant is Prof. Sue Mini from Northern Illinois University; co-PIs are Mark Schlossman (University of Illinois-Chicago) and Jim Viccaro (The University of Chicago).