Beamline Web Archiver



Chris Archiver (V.1)





When clicking on the link, you are brought to the home page. Please ignore the contact information at the top as this archiver is from SLAC therefore the information is not ours. 

In order to check the status or logging data of a PV, you must type the full name of the PV into the given box. Multiple PVs can be loaded with each on a separate line. Click check status to view the logging status of the PVs. If they aren't logged, you can click the "archive" button to begin the logging process. On the far right side of every PV, there is a quick graph button, which, when clicked, will display the graph for the past 24 hours of data. The functionality of this graph is fairly buggy and limited, but it can be used to obtain a general trend of the data. The rest of the buttons are straightforward; you can choose to archive PVs at a different period, pause, or resume the logging process.

The reports tab is a good way to sort currently logged PVs. The drop down menu has a limited but populated selection of criteria to choose from. When clicked, the same options are given as in the home tab; the ability to view the details of the PV and a quick graph of the PV. 

The remaining four tabs aren't for logging purposes. The provide information and statistics on the logging process itself rather than any of the PVs. Feel free to click these and view some of the data.